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A Bit More on Being a Yes

By MetroPowerYoga | In Blog | on July 23, 2014

One of the themes of Baptiste Yoga is “Be a Yes”. It means much more that being present but rather, being present to people, things, actions and situations. It is NOT about saying yes to anything and everything that comes your way. In fact, saying yes is the antithesis of what Being a Yes is about.

Showing up is more than physical presence but about being true in your words and all actions. When you say you will do something, do it. And add a smile. When you borrow something, bring it back. When you are asked something and you know the answer, give that answer. And if you don’t know they answer, find out. Being a yes in your life is much more than just being, but being open and available to those around you.

For all of us, there are times when we have said we were going to do something and then at the last minute, we change our mind and didn’t do it. Seems pretty straight-forward and innocuous, but think a little deeper about how and who you are affecting. It’s the ripple effect. Throw a pebble into a pool of water and there are ripples, maybe a lot of them depending on this size of your pebble, caused by the pebble.

Think back to the situation where you bailed. If it was something for you, like going for a solo run or walk, your act (or inaction in this case) impacts you directly, but then when you think about it, by not taking that walk or run (or yoga session), you are also indirectly impacting others. Your inaction makes you feel crappy and more irritable and in the long run you may gain weight and become diabetic and may even become a candidate for lap band surgery. This is taking things to extremes, but you get my point.

Now think of a situation where you have committed to doing something WITH someone (or give something to someone). You agreed to meet a friend for a yoga class at a new local studio. At the last minute, another friend asks you to go out for happy hour and because your day was hectic and stressful, you decide that drinks are more your medication for the day, so you ditch meeting your friend for yoga.

This scenario is creating WAVES, not just mere ripples. First, you are impacted for not getting in your yoga for exercise and stress reduction, but secondly your friend, who DID show up to the yoga class is affected as her practice wasn’t nearly as fun as it could have been and she probably won’t be as eager to invite you to participate with her for events such as this in the future. Depending on how long your happy hour lasted, you may not feel one hundred percent the next day and call in sick at work, impacting your workplace and perhaps your professional future. It goes on but you get the point.

If you have no intention of showing up in your words nor actions, why even bother to act as if you will. We have become too nice. We “like” facebook and instagram posts and we favorite tweets, showing our admiration, but it’s all empty crocodile smiles. It’s not engagement and it’s not sincere.

It’s much simpler to stay quiet than over commit to everything that walks by. Too often, we think we are being nice when we say we will do something, but when the time comes and you do not fulfill that promise, you are everything but nice, especially to yourself.


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