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From Our Students

The following are testimonials from our students. 

“After years of manual labor and dealing with serious lower back pain, my friends and chiropractor recommended yoga.

Since practicing yoga a few times a week, for only about a month, my back pain has decreased 75%.
Both the restorative and power classes have helped my body and mind overall.” – M.K

Metro Power Yoga has changed my life. I have getting regular exercise for my body through yoga, but more than that, I’ve made wonderful friends and opened my mind to new possibilities in my life. Highly recommend this welcoming studio.” – C.S.

“I started taking yoga classes at Metro Power Yoga in June of 2014. I had only tried yoga once before using a DVD and somehow pulled a muscle in the process. I was nervous for my first “real-life” class because I didn’t know what to expect. I started with a beginner’s class and was immediately hooked. The instructor, Julie, was very welcoming and guided me through poses, which I was happy about because I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t want to pull another muscle! My favorite part about MPY is definitely the community. I have met some amazing men and women that I would consider friends. I genuinely care about their well being and I know this is true the other way around. Almost a year later, Metro Power Yoga has given me not only physical strength but more importantly, emotional and mental strength. MPY has taught me willpower and has given me confidence that I’ve never felt before. Since attending yoga classes at MPY, I have lost 30 lbs.! The most important thing yoga has taught me is that I really can accomplish anything and I am forever grateful for MPY.” – K.D.

“Being a active runner I had been looking for a yoga studio that understood my active lifestyle. At Metro Power Yoga, I found that and so much more. Julie has the ability to emPOWER the beginner and advance yogi to further their practice. Her subtle adjustments gives you a greater understanding of the purpose and benefit of each pose. Julie is asute to your body’s limitations, as she was able to sense my shoulder limitations that I was feeling but had yet shared with anyone. Her inquiry promoted me to make an appointment with my doctor and as it turned out I had a frozen shoulder which I sought treatment for.  More importantly, Metro Power Yoga has been a sanctuary as I transitioned into a new phased in my life, welcoming and understanding, and a place to just BE. ” – L.K.

“I began my yoga practice with Metro Power Yoga in April of 2014. I was looking for a place to get strong and healthy again. I had previously practiced a form of power yoga, but the studio closed and I sadly did not find another place to go till Metro Power opened.

I found it to be challenging and took many beginner classes, I found out that the harder I worked, the stronger my practice became, I began to lose weight and I began to get toned.

The community at Metro Power is strong, everyone is positive and truly cares about one another. I began to attend classes 3 or more times a week and found Julie to be an amazing teacher and motivator. I learned to meditate and even expand my practice to my home and work. I walk taller and I feel I am becoming a better person as I am more “Present” in my daily life.

Metro Power yoga has helped me turn 50 with strength and confidence, I am strong and healthy and continue to grow daily.” – P.B.

“I can absolutely attest to [the healing power of yoga]!! I hurt my back to the point I could barely walk. I spent a few hours working one-on-one with Julie and I couldn’t believe the results! Within a week I was back in action with full yoga classes, a 14 hour flight overseas, and then two weeks of expos and customers. Thank you so much, Julie!” – D. S. 

“I have had such a positive experience at Metro Power Yoga! I had never taken yoga, and I was nervous about keeping up with the class. The FUNdamentals of Yoga is perfect for beginners, and Julie is a great instructor! She ensures that every person gets the most out of class, regardless of their skill level. After my hour of yoga practice, I feel so refreshed and energized. It is good for the body, mind and soul.” N.D.


“Being a former collegiate level athlete I live with a lot of daily aches and pains from years of being “not so kind” to my body.   I also had the perception that if you weren’t going full speed – you weren’t exercising.  Which had led me to not exercising at all… from all the aches and pains.  Metro Power Yoga and the approach to each individuals students’ needs allowed me to slowly gain confidence.  Other students at the studio who are much more advanced are so encouraging!  The instructors allow you to focus on yourself and your own body’s abilities and this has given me the confidence to press harder but at a rate that has allowed me to become stronger and more flexible over time. Yoga has allowed me to become reconnected with myself and I truly enjoy my more flexible, strong body.  Additionally, through my practices at Metro Power Yoga,  I am more aware of all the positive aspects of my life.   When life is stressing, discouraging, anxiety provoking… my focus turns much more quickly to some deep breathing, refocusing and being mindful of the many positives in my life.  I truly react less to negative forces around me.  I also have less aches and pains, am much more limber, starting to recover faster and just have so much more energy and enthusiasm. I am  much healthier in my diet and although I enjoy foods – I don’t crave them anymore.  I think this is a result of managing stress in a more positive, proactive manner.  Since beginning practicing at the studio, I have lost 20 pounds without focused dieting but through being more mindful of exercise and what I choose to eat.  I am a foodie, so I find balance in my love for food and my new approach to my overall life focus.  My husband is so impressed with the changes and my continuing passion for the practice.  He is such a supporter – which has been key. Since he travels so much, my time with him when he is home is very important to me, but he believes the Yoga practice has had such a positive impact that he does not mind sharing the time!” – E. G.

We are a Baptiste Yoga Affiliate studio located at 935 South Kirkwood Road in Kirkwood, Missouri
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