Christian Hatfield

How many years have you been practicing yoga? 8 years

How many years have you been teaching yoga? 3 years

What training and certifications have you completed? 200hr RYT who completed Baptiste Teacher Training

What brought you to yoga? I had tried a couple classes as one-offs, but started practicing consistently as a compliment to weight training.

Why do you practice yoga? It’s a great workout both physically and mentally. Styles, classes, and my own practice offer something new every time I step on my mat, so I never get bored.

Why do you practice Baptiste Yoga? It is the perfect balance of mental and physical work for me, and it’s flexible so I can tailor it to what I need each time I practice.

Why do you teach yoga? I wanted to take my personal practice to the next level, and I got hooked on teaching in the process.

What does yoga empower you to do? Be myself and to help others do the same.

What is your favorite yoga pose? Any inversion!

What pose do you have a complicated relationship with? Eagle

What is your favorite song to listen to or play during a class? Music is a great way for me to tune out all the other distractions and, eventually, I tune out the music too, so I never remember what songs I hear! 

Do you have another professional life? I’m a chemical engineer/project manager for an industrial company.

When you’re not on your mat, what can we find you doing? Running, playing guitar or singing karaoke

What would you tell someone thinking about trying yoga? Don’t walk in with any assumptions. More and more people are turning to yoga for various reasons. That includes old, young, men, women, flexible, stiff, etc. Try a few classes and styles to see what you like and what you gain (a workout? stress release? relaxation?). Then, keep coming back! No one gets it all down the first time. It’s a process and the more you put in, the more you get out.