Discover Your True Strength and Your Real Self

Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for 20 years, Baptiste Power Yoga St. Louis has classes for students of all fitness levels, ages and backgrounds.

Our classes are taught using the Baptiste Methodology and range from invigorating 60-minute power yoga classes that are sweaty and spirited, to restorative yin yoga classes designed to create a sense of balance and ease.

Be empowered to transform. Improve your quality of life – both on and off the mat. You are ready NOW!

Power 60

Based on Baron Baptiste’s signature Journey into Power sequence, this challenging yet fun 60-minute class leaves you rinsed and recharged. We work our way through a unique sequence of postures that encourage balance, flexibility and strength for full-body integration. The room is heated to 90 degrees. All levels are welcome! Haven’t practiced power yoga before? This is a great class to start with as we cover the fundamentals each time.

Power 75

This 75-minute power vinyasa class is rooted in the same Journey into Power sequence as Power 60 but gives you more time to explore on your mat. It’s also conducted in a room heated to 90 degrees to melt away any layers of resistance that hold you back physically or mentally. Students of all levels are encouraged to get outside of their comfort zones and try on new ways of looking at familiar poses.

Power 45

Find your personal edge in this 45-minute hot yoga class heated to 90 degrees. We’ll efficiently flow through the Journey into Power series in a way that uplifts and invigorates, allowing you to energetically move from one pose to the next. Perfect for the busy yogi who still wants to get their flow in!

Aroma Yoga

Take your typical power yoga class to the next level with aromatics. dōTerra essential oils are used throughout practice to make you more alert, receptive and connected as you move through the Journey into Power yoga sequence. The class is heated to 90 degrees to allow you to tap into your inner power, keeping you grounded and while at the same time uplifted.

Yoga + Circuit Class

This class will fire you up from the inside out with a combination of traditional sun salutation and a bonus cardio segment! If you’re looking for an athletic practice that builds muscle strength and endurance, this is the power yoga class for you. It’s a guaranteed sweaty flow that promises to leave you rejuvenated and ready to tackle your day.

Yoga for Mobility

Want to reclaim your mobility in areas you need it most? This is the class that will help improve your flexibility. Be ready to expand you vision of what’s possible and come prepared to flow, focus and reawaken your power through ample stretching of the shoulders, back, hips and legs. The room will be mildly heated to 75-80 degrees for a comfortable, slow-paced class suitable for all levels.

Empower Yoga

A gentle yoga class that’s specifically designed for those with less flexibility, Empower Yoga does just that. It empowers you to honor where you are right now. This non-heated, no-flow mindful yoga practice is gentle on the joints and encourages you to enhance muscle strength and balance with plenty of time to just be and let be.

Yin Yoga

Balance an intense, sweaty physical practice with this easeful class that gives you more time to target the deep tissues of your body (tendons, ligaments and fascia). Longer opening poses are designed to unravel tensions and leave your body and mind in a more relaxed and refreshed state. This all-levels class is warm but not heated like our other vinyasa classes.