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Giving It Up to Get Empty

By MetroPowerYoga | In Blog | on November 5, 2014

Sukasana by Dan Singer PhotographyIn this month of Gratitude, it’s time to reconnect with our truest, simplest, most basic nature. One of the ways I enjoy a return to simple things is by giving things away. It’s more than cleaning out my closets and purging the pantry of out-of-date canned goods. While those are noble things to do, all those clearings of closets get you is cleaner closets and a cleaner house.

I find the most satisfaction in giving when there is meaning attached to the gift. The most memorable “gifts” I have ever received have been things of insignificant cost but either honoring the giver, perhaps through time spent together creating a wealth of memories, or the moment in which they were given, like a fresh journal just as you are starting a new trip.

Through much disappointment on the giving and receiving ends, I realized long ago that giving is not about fulfilling someone’s wish list and it’s not about the cost of the gift – that is merely transactional giving, like putting money in the bank. True giving from the heart is based in the richness of the underlying cause for the gift. It takes practice and patience to get here. To give in this manner means that first we must open our eyes and inner witness to truly, deeply see where there is pain, where there is void that needs some attention; some gift.

Through the month of November, we will be looking at giving and receiving in hopes that this attitude of gratitude becomes a standard way of being in your life, not just reserved for certain occasions, nor times of the year. To fully give of oneself is the most fulfilling way to live and love. Use your gifts to empty out the clutter that holds you back.

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