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Law #12: The Whole is the Goal

By MetroPowerYoga | In Blog | on October 29, 2014

begin your goalsAs we wind down our 40 Days Program, I felt it was time to begin expounding upon the 12 laws of transformation that Baron Baptiste outlines in his book, 40 Days to Personal Revolution. Of course, the way my brain works, I’ll begin backwards with Law #12, The Whole is the Goal.

While as a competitive over-achiever, I find it easy to get wrapped up in goal-setting, goal-crushing and more goal setting and all I ever get from that are more medals and trophies and t-shirts that sit in my closets until I go through a massive purge and throw, recycle or donate them all to charity. This is not to say that goal-setting is wrong or bad, but that goals are not the whole of our lives. Just like our yoga practice on our mats, is not a whole health picture. It’s just a small piece of a much larger puzzle. And yet, without those goals, those smaller chunks, the whole becomes dauntingly impossible.

This was, once again, made very clear to me just this past week. One of our 40 Days participants was reviewing where she wanted to continue to grow, and stated she wanted “happiness”. I asked her to think about what that looked like. While happiness is a noble goal (or a “whole”), without breaking down exactly what the steps you will take, actions you will make, things you must leave aside, there will be no happiness.

And so, goals and wholes work in complimentary ways. Small goals lead up to and build a whole, and those wholes can’t be surmounted without breaking them down into discreet, manageable pieces. Remember that in yoga too, next time you are on your mat, the individual poses and the individual session does not amount to a whole. It’s just a small piece of the puzzle – a building block – which when added to the process and the attitude and some other x-factor ingredients, leads up to the whole.

How do you define the whole in your life? What does it look like? I encourage you to break it down into the tangible thoughts, sights, reactions and feelings.

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