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Learning Styles and Yoga

By MetroPowerYoga | In Blog | on June 8, 2013

Is learning really all that hard, or is it the way that you are trying to learn and how the material is presented to you? I have just recently found out that I am (and of course have been all of my life) a kinesthetic learner. I wish that these tests had been done when I was in school. It sure would have made things easier for me. I now understand why I was always doodling and taking copious notes furiously while I sat in lectures. Of course, I never had to look back at my notes, that was just the way that I needed to focus and process what was being said. If I wasn’t note-taking, I was a terrible day-dreamer. Skip to present day… now in meetings, it’s the same way, I have to be note-taking on my computer (by the way, I LOVE the note-taking app Evernote) or iPad or else everything that is said floats by my into the atmosphere.

Knowing this also has keyed me into why I am such an exercise junkie. I have to be moving and the more I move, the more I think and figure things out. When I have an issue I need to address, I take a walk. When I am confused, I do some yoga. When I am angry or stressed, I go for a run. It’s pretty basic to my existence. I suppose one day I will not be able to move about in the way that I do, but I for sure will find some active substitute to help my brain process it’s matters.

And so, this leads me to yoga and my love of it and my love of the teaching of it. I recently had a comment from a newish student. She told me that she appreciated how I described what all of the body parts are supposed to be doing in each pose. It’s no mystery that when I feel it in my body and think about it as I am practicing, I can then take it into words and help to land it in my students’ bodies. Kinesthete? You bet.

So my question is how many other yoga instructors and dedicated students are also kinesthetic learners? Does it have any role in our gravitation to this ancient practice? I am certainly curious. Here is a simple, quick test that will give you immediate results. If you take it and are a yoga instructor or yoga student, post your learning style in the comments. I would love to hear from you in this VERY unscientific study.

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