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Overcoming Resistance to Reach New Heights

By MetroPowerYoga | In Blog | on June 2, 2013

I resisted my yoga practice tonight. I was tired. I had run a race the day before. I was tired. I didn’t eat right yesterday nor today. I was sluggish and tired and scattered. The excuses piled on and on and on. I did not want to practice. And yet I did. Finally, after emptying the compost, and the recycling bin, feeding the dogs and cleaning up dog poop from the yard, I began. I was sluggish and slow and breathing heavily. Distracted. I anticipated a 20- or 30-minute practice. Before I began, I had set my boundary and limitations. I pushed it aside and began after a long child’s pose. Sun Salutation A. Sun Salutation A. Sun Salutation A. On and on. Sun Salutation B. B. B. B. B. And I continued, feeling limited, constricted and bound. I was resisting big time.

I settled into my second set of Garudasana. I felt a cool breeze. Hips shifted left, arms lifted and a smile emerged. Shift. Hmmm… I cycled back and added a few asanas that I had skipped and added new experiences to them. The light came on. The rest of my practice was magical. The fatigue and excuses melted away. The heat was a joy instead of torture again. Joints freed. Mind renewed. Curiosity peaked. Resistance had no business in my body any longer.

What I imagined to be 20- to 30-minutes expanded to an hour of sheer yogic bliss. I ended with a long savasana and seated meditation. Resistance has no hold on me. I am grounded, happy and safe in my new realm. Each and every day, I thank yoga for new and renewed myself.

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