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Pose of the week: Ankle Stretch

By MetroPowerYoga | In Blog | on December 16, 2014

This week, we focus on opening the fronts of the legs and ankles with ankle stretch It’s a Yin (Yin yoga is a style of yoga working the deep tissues of the body – ligaments and tendons) pose, meant to be held for a long (2 minutes or so), but can be quite effective even when held for 20-30 breaths at a time. If you feel any sharp pain, back off. Try placing a rolled blanket or towel under your feet if they get sore. You can also place a blanket between shins and thighs for tender knees.

Begin by sitting on your heels. If your ankles or knees are highly sensitive, this may not be a pose for you. Leaning back into your hands is the first position, but keep the sternum forward, as if you are trying to do a backbend. After a few moments, bring hands to the floor outside your legs. Try to not lean away from the knees. Try holding your knees and gently pulling them toward the chest.

To exit the pose, lean forward and bring your hands to the floor. Slowly step one foot at a time back to downward-facing dog.

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