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Pose of the Week: Double Pigeon

By MetroPowerYoga | In Blog | on November 11, 2014

Double PigeonPose of the Week: Double Pigeon

Double Pigeon, or Firelog, can be intense, but well-worth it for super tight hips. This is one of my go-to poses when I am very active. Runners and cyclists will appreciate this pose for the tremendous release gained in the upper hips, where the IT Band meets the Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL).

Start from pigeon, then move your back foot around to the front and move your front shin outward so that it is parallel to the front your your mat.

Bring your knee around in front of your hip with that shin parallel to the front edge of your mat and your knee bent to 90 degrees.

Using your hand, place your top ankle beyond your lower knee. Stack your shins one on top of each other. Try to make your shins parallel with each other, using the edge of your mat as a guide. If it’s impossible to stack your shins, move your top shin in front of your bottom one.

If your top knee is high, that’s OK;  just stay where you are and breathe. Work on this pose to help to open your hips.

If it is comfortable, place your hands on the outer edges of your thighs, lift your hips and move them slightly back, then shift your torso forward over your shins.

Stay here for at least twenty breaths.

When you’re done, slowly step your feet back to downward facing dog and when you’re ready, do the other side.

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