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Theme Three: Come From “I am Ready Now”

By MetroPowerYoga | In Blog | on August 16, 2014

I have been intermittently blogging about the Three Themes of Baptiste Yoga. The first theme is “Be a Yes”. The second is “Give up What You Must” and the final theme invites each and every one of us to come from “I am Ready Now”.

To me this is crucial in my journey as a yoga student and now, Metro Power Yoga studio owner. When I first attended my Level 1 Bootcamp with Baron Baptiste back in 2010, I left knowing that I would open a studio. I saw that St. Louis was in need of this powerful practice and empowering community of yogi-leaders. I went home and meekly searched for property and then got embroiled back into my job and even began job seeking, madly trying to flee my situation. I knew something was not right in my life and yet I was not ready to commit to acknowledging what it was. I furiously continued working the job I had begun to hate and pushed studio ownership aside.

Then I attended Level 2 and 3. After each immersive week, I arrived back home, reinvigorated, refreshed and once again began property searches. It was as if by searching I was claiming that I was ready. I wasn’t. It would have been easier if I had discovered yoga back in my 20’s right after I had graduated from school. Once worklife set in and the jobs continued to provide more and more lucrative salaries and benefits, leaving becomes more and more difficult. Cutting a 1-inch diameter tree in your yard is an easy task. Felling a 10-foot diameter oak in not.

In April of 2013, a fellow yogi whom I had met repeatedly at Bootcamps came to stay with me for almost a week. During that week, we searched for property. This time it was different. Instead of my passive method of vicariously looking at buildings and rates on the internet, we drove around town, snapping photos and calling agents.

There were afternoons, during that week, I was furious with her. Enraged and excited and scared out of my skin all at once. I was finally ready. Each protest; each excuse that I offered was shot down, executed.

Although we did not find THE site that week, soon it was discovered through a mysterious set of circumstances when I had just about given up as deal after deal broke down and fell through. Finally in September of that year, it happened.

Each day now is a reminder to me. A blessing and a wake-up. I know that with each day that the studio grows. Each day that I am fulfilled by the fullness I see in my students that I am ready now.

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