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By MetroPowerYoga | In Blog | on March 6, 2015

Tired, but not physically tired… tired of the beautiful people getting on with their “party” yoga poses, lit up with flawless make-up, combed and primped with beautiful hair and new, matching exquisite clothes – way beyond my price range. Tired of watching the Instagram and Facebook feed of impossible (to me) postures and poses, tireless smiles, super-toned bodies and  super-sweet smiles. Makes you wonder what is real. Makes you wonder what is yoga.

It brings me to face my EGO in the most miserable and head-on ways. The more tired I get in comparing and wanting and feeling oh-so limited and inadequate, the more and more I understand that I am not judging what is going on around me, but becoming aware of it and how I am choosing to differ.  In fact, I am reacting to me.

What I am come back to face each and every day is that YOGA is much more than the poses. My teacher, Baron Baptiste, says “Yoga is not THE way, but a way to the way.” In fact asana, or the physical practice of poses is an entry to YOGA, and certainly not the sole part of yoga nor an end to yoga. Living Yoga is much more than the pretty faces performing pretty poses.

Once the physical “gym” body is tired through asana, the mind becomes ready to accept better breathing, meditation, living in a higher (different some might argue) state of consciousness. Through living in yoga, we then are able to face the unsurmountable stress of daily life and death with joy and ease instead of misery and struggle.

Living in yoga is much more than MY poses, MY breath and MY meditation, as it surpasses me and my ego and embodies community and the world, as we all move forward together to another level of true awareness. Who wants to go beyond the facade that is portrayed as YOGA with me?

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