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Why are classes heated?

By MetroPowerYoga | In Blog | on May 9, 2016

Metro Power Yoga teaches classes based on the methodology of Baptiste Yoga. Founded by Baron Baptiste, the practice will offer you strength, length and spiritual focus. There are 5 pillars of Baptiste yoga.

  • Gaze (Drishti)
  • Breath (Ujjayi)
  • Core (Uddiyana)
  • Heat (Tapas)
  • Flow (Vinyasa)

First a bit on the “other” 4 Pillars:

Your gaze helps to bring you to this present moment, not the future and not the past. Your breath is both warming, energizing and calming and helps you to gauge your effort. Think of the Core as your foundation; we hug in to the centerline for stability AND to express ourselves from the inside out! Our flow is what happens naturally on our mat, and yet it carries into our lives off our mats as well as we “roll with” what life delivers instead of rebounding¬†from reaction to reaction, allowing us more capacity to live our yoga.

Now that heat:

First, there are myths about “hot” yoga. Our room is not heated to 105, not even to 100. We keep our room between 75 (for Slow Power, FUNdamentals and Yoga for Athletes) and 90 (for all other classes). What the heat accomplishes is allowing you to get into your body faster. Once sweat begins, the muscles become more pliable and the faster you can get into your body, the faster you get out of your mind. It’s a great asset in life to be able to stay and “let it be” when the heat gets turned up.

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